We're saying goodbye to TuShare

Dear TuSharers,

When we started TuShare in 2012, we had a bold vision to help all items see their full lifespan.

We knew that there were over 100 billion items that were sold, brand new, every year and only 5% of them found their way into another set of hands. That’s 95 billion things every year that could find a new home.

It all started with the problem: how do we keep this good, useable stuff in the hands of people who need it? This quickly lead to other questions: how do we make sharing easy? How do we get items between people without any hassle? How can we build a platform that does all of this? How can we fund it?

With the beginnings of a solution, we set about building TuShare: a community platform with a delivery service to power it.

Thanks to people like you, who shared the vision for a world of generosity and gratitude, the TuShare community grew to almost 50,000 members in 2 years. We shared thousands of incredible items, and many of us forged real, genuine friendships.

In short, it was special. And we are incredibly humbled to have played a role in creating something so inspiring.

As we grew, we learnt more and more about community building, and almost by accident, the real problems that Aussies experience when trying to send parcels in Australia.

Our determination and sheer optimism in building TuShare meant that we were able to offer door-to-door delivery for cheaper than the post office.

We were stunned. And also a bit giddy – we’d managed to find a real solution to parcel delivery.

It was at this point that we (and many of you!) realised that the delivery service we’d built could help elsewhere; parcel senders were getting stung by big costs and inconvenient requirements.

Simply put, we were excited. We’d built something useful, and we were excited to give it the chance to thrive. And so, in 2014 we officially launched Sendle. In the past year, Sendle has grown in ways that we couldn’t imagine it would. We are now servicing thousands of businesses in Australia, and we love that we are able to help them in a way that respects the planet too (all deliveries are carbon neutral!).

For the past two years, we worked to nurture both businesses into maturity. But truthfully, the cracks began to show early this year.

Running one business is hard, running two busy businesses is exhausting… particularly when one isn't able to finance itself.

Sendle began to grow quicker than we had imagined, whilst at the same time, we were unable to fund the long-term costs of TuShare without breaking our commitment to remain authentically community-focussed.

After exploring every option we could, we are making the difficult, and truthfully, emotional decision to close the TuShare platform at the end of November.

So what does this mean?

  • Starting today, we are beginning to wind down the site.
  • On Friday 20th November we will close requesting. All paid-for credit will be refunded to your card, and earned-for credit will expire.
  • On Friday 27th November TuShare will officially close the doors. In its place we will include some resources for you if you want to share things with others or find a good home for your items.
  • And then we will all have a good cup of tea (or maybe something stronger!).

In the spirit of generosity and gratitude, I want to say thank you to everyone who came on this journey with us. We saved over 40,000 kgs of items from going to landfill and built an amazing community – over 40,000 messages were sent between TuSharers in the last year alone! We’d be thrilled to think that you’d be happy to take these friendships off TuShare, and into the real world by swapping contact details.

The last three years have been an amazing journey, and we expect the next three years to be even better. I wish you and your loved ones all the very best, and hope to share with you on another sharing platform someday. Do come and say hello over at Sendle.

On behalf of Sean, Taryn, Imogen, Luke, Chris, Kohei, the indefatigable Anna, and the whole TuShare team, thank you.