How TuShare Works

A simply and snappy guide


All items are given by a TuShare member for free.  To give something you no longer need:

  1. Tap the 'Give button'. To give something, press the '+' or 'give' button at the top right-hand corner of the screen - this is the same on a phone as on a computer. 
  2. Add some information. You will be prompted to fill in the item's information. Item's with quality information and a great picture get shared the quickest. So make sure to include a photograph.
  3. Choose how to give it. Givers can choose if they want receivers to pickup an item or pay for door-to-door delivery.

Read more about giving here.


  1. Tap 'Request this'. Request items by tapping the ‘Request this’ button in the green bar underneath the item.  Requesting an item reserves it for you – commenting on an item does not.
  2. Select your delivery option. Bare in mind the options may depend on weight, distance and giver preference.
  3. Your request will then be sent to the giver for approval.

You can cancel a request at any time by selecting your request from the left-hand sidebar and tapping ‘cancel request’.

Read more about requesting here.

About Delivery

There are two ways to receive items on TuShare

  1. 'I'll pick this up'. You can arrange to pickup items for free. Tap on the ‘I’ll pick this up’ button when requesting an item.
  2. Simple & easy delivery. TuShare provides a secure and easy delivery service to make sharing just that little bit easier. Tap on the ‘Deliver to me’ button when requesting an item and pay the flat-rate for door-to-door service. This means there is no need to drop off items, trudge to the Post Office or negotiate payment. The receiver pays up-front: simple.

Read more about delivery here. 

Find out more about TuShare at our Support Centre.